zondag 7 februari 2010

Koldo opens season 2nd

February has just begun and that means that also the Spanish cycling season has been opened with the Trfeo Palma. All went well for the Euskaltel squad because just like the other years it turned out to become a sprint and Koldo Fernandez was feeling well, but just like the other years he wasn't able to get the victory. Robbie McEwen did, but Koldo came close with a great second spot, his best performance after his 4th place in 2007. After the race Koldo said that he was happy ending 2nd in his first race of the season, but of course he would have loved to win. This shows that he has been training well and he was only beaten by McEwen who already rode this year in Australia. It's also about having luck, but he just felt good during the race and that brings hope for the upcoming races.

1. Robbie McEwen KAT 2:21:16
2. Koldo Fernandez EUS ST
3. Oscar Freire RAB ST
23. Iñaki Isasi ST
34. Rubén Pérez ST
49. Jorge Azanza ST
92. Ivan Velasco ST
102. Mikel Nieve +0:07
138. Sergio de Lis +0:11
142. Gorka Verdugo +0:11
150. Alan Pérez +0:11
184. Juan José Oroz +0:19

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