zondag 26 april 2009

Amets Txurruka close in Rioja

Our Amets Txurruka came close to a victory today. He ended up in a group of six that rode to the finish line together, but at the sprint, he didn't have enough power anymore to take it home and he became 6th. Earlier that day Markel Irizar also did a good job being in the break of the day. Sad news came from Ivan Velasco. He fell and broke three ribs and suffers of a trauma somewhere in his back or something. He has been taken to the hospital immediately. Hopefully everything will be alright!

1. David Garcia Xacobeo 5:55:47
2. Angel Vicioso Andalucia ST
3. Manuel Vazquez Contentpolis ST
6. Amets Txurruka +0:03
13. Aitor Galdos +3:03
15. Aitor Hernandez +3:03
36. Pablo Urtasun +9:08
41. Markel Irizar +14:58

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