woensdag 30 april 2008

Romandie prologue : Mikel 30th

The tour of Romandie 2008 started with a 1.9 kilometre long prologue in the city of Geneva. Of course with only 1.9 kilometres to go, the gaps between the races can't be big so the 30th place of the first Euskaltel rider, Mikel Astarloza, is good, since he only lost 4 seconds on Cavendish, the winner, and Daniele Bennati, the runner-up. Haimar came in on a 41th place with only five seconds of disadvantage.

1. Mark Cavendish High Road 02:07:60
2. Daniele Bennati Liquigas ST
3. Michael Albasini Liquigas +0:01
30. Mikel Astarloza +0:04
41. Haimar Zubeldia +0:05
56. Ruben Perez +0:06
67. Juan Jose Oroz +0:07
74. Iñaki Isasi +0:07
138. Amets Txurrua +0:13
141. Jorge Azanza +0:13

dinsdag 29 april 2008

Line-up Subida al Naranco & Vuelta Asturias

There are not only races in and around Italy at the moment, but also in Spain the racing continues. Euskaltel will participate in the one-day race Subida al Naranco and the Vuelta a Asturias. Samuel Sanchez will make his return into the peloton and of course he will be the leader of the team. But also Gorka Verdugo is a man to keep an eye on, seeing his great results this year. The others will be Javier Aramendia, Beñat Albizuri, Jon Bru, Aitor Hernandez, Andoni Lafuente and Antton Luengo

Interview with Juanjo Oroz

Juanjo Oroz has certainly been Euskaltel's revelation for the northern classics. He was one of the two riders in the whole peloton who finished all six of them and that's quite a performance ! That's why the Euskaltel website did an interview with him and I will translate it for you.

-I suppose you're very happy about your performance ?
The truth is that I'm extremely happy with it, mainly because I didn't know the six races. I never started in one of them before, they were all new for me. And in addition Flandres, Wevelgem and Roubaix are races really different than the races here in Spain and the culture shock is very important. You have to load your batteries quickly and adapt to the paves and walls. It was an enriching experience !

-What remarkable differences have you found between the first week and the second one ?
In the first week, riders with a lot of power without rising of the saddle, Boonen and Cancellara are good examples. The Amstel, Fleche and Liege are courses more similar to the ones in Spain, for riders like Cunego, Valverde, Schleck and Sanchez.

-But Paris-Roubaix is probably the hardest ...
The truth is that Roubaix was the hardest race for me. It destroyed my arms and the tension in the race was horrible. But the satisfaction to enter the velodrome was great. I felt a lot of joy !

-In the Tour of Flandres you seemed to do pretty good.
The Tour of Flandres enchanted me. Together with Liege it was the race that I liked the most. I was in good shape, enjoyed the race and the atmosphere and breathed cycling in each meter. It's a mix between highs and lows and that fits perfectly for me. I also liked the Fleche but it didn't have the repercussion as the other two.

-If you have to return next year ...
I will know the races and have more experience and that's very important in these races. I'm very happy to finish them, but disputing them is something else. You have to have a lot of strength, experience and don't fall. They are very complicated race with a lot of secrets. For those in the first week you need to adapt more.

zondag 27 april 2008

Liege-Bastogne-Liege : Mikel 35th

It wasn't really Euskaltel's day in Liege-Bastogne-Liege. The first Orange rider to finish was Mikel Astarloza on a 35th. But it's Juan Jose Oroz that needs a special mentioning. Juanjo rode all the six northern classics and has really impressed by finishing them all ! (and btw he's a funny and relaxed guy !). Euskaltel couldn't compete for the victory, that was for Alejandro Valverdo who beat Rebellin and Fränk Schleck in a sprint. Egoi Martinez fell after 100 kilometres and has some trouble with his left elbow. Hopefully it's nothing bad ! Javier Aramendia abandoned the race but the reason is not given.

1. Alejandro Valverde Caisse d'Epargne 6:44:04
2. Davide Rebellin Gerolsteiner ST
3. Fränk Schleck Team CSC ST
35. Mikel Astarloza +3:28
42. Juan Jose Oroz +4:09
62. Jorge Azanza +8:11
69. Aitor Galdos +8:11
85. Iñaki Isasi +8:11
108. Ruben Perez +12:00

Me in Liege-Bastogne-Liege

So this morning I went to see the start of Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Of course not really the start but the riders from our favourite Basque team, Euskaltel. When we arrived, we saw that the square was once again surrounded by fences. Luckily I had asked Jesus Aizkorbe from Euskaltel's press office for a VIP-pass. He told me that he would say it to Gorka Gerrikagoitia. When I asked him about him he didn't really seem to know anything of it but I showed him the mail and we got the VIP-pass of Jon Carabayeda.

We have met all the riders from Euskaltel, I got all their autographs and my "photographer" took like a 150 pictures. It was a good mornign ! I also bought a little Euskaltel bus because they didn't have any shirts from our team :( Here are some pics :

woensdag 23 april 2008

Gerrikagoitia about Fleche Wallonne

Gorka Gerrikagoitia was very satisfied with the work of his guys in the Fleche Wallonne. In the beginning of the last climb in Huy three men were in front, Mikel Aitor and Egoi, so that's definitely a good performance. Ruben Perez was very active but he had to leave the race after some mechanical problems with his wheel. Gorka also said that he believes in Aramendia's potential, although he couldn't follow the pace today. He has a great mentality and will become a valid runner for this type of races. At last he talked about Isasi and Azanza. They weren't visible on the tv but they did some great work for their leaders in the peloton.

Fleche Wallonne : Galdos 13th

Just like in the Amstel Gold Race it was Aitor Galdos who surprised us with a great performance in the end ranking of a strong up-hill classic. But this time it was much better than in the Amstel. He became 13th among some of the best climbers and one-day racers in the world like Evans, Cunego and Valverde. Although it was Mikel who came as the first on of the bunch over the last kilometre mark, he started his sprint too early and fell back, he became 15th. Aitor on the other hand waited untill the final metres to get a good spot. It was Kim Kirchen who was the strongest on the last climb in Huy and won his first big classic.
Egoi Martinez fell with 60 kilometres to go, together with Sastre and Lopez Garcia, but he managed to get back and place himself on a 36th place. Javier Aramendia and Ruben Perez didn't finish the race.
1. Kim Kirchen High Road 4:35:29
2. Cadel Evans Silence-Lotto +0:01
3. Damiano Cunego Lampre +0:02
13. Aitor Galdos +0:20
15. Mikel Astarloza +0:24
36. Egoi Martinez +1:12
93. Jorge Azanza +6:35
104. Iñaki Isasi +7:26
105. Juan Jose Oroz +7:38

No good for Anton

Igor Anton is still struggling with the tendon of the right anchilles. He will soon see a orthopedist for it. He felt it for the first time in Paris-Nice and since then it's just getting worse and worse. Due to a fall in the Tour of the Basque Country he had to resign from classics like Primavera, Gold Race, Fleche Wallonne and Liege. After four days of rest, he started training again but the anchilles still doesn't feel good. That's why Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano and Igor Anton decided to follow a treatment with ultrasounds. The doctor says : "It's not a serious injury and we don't see why it bothers the rider." Anton will now get a new calender, he's going to ride Catalunya, the Euskal Bizikleta and Switzerland. Get well soon Igor !

dinsdag 22 april 2008

Line-up Tour of Romandie

It's maybe a bit unexpected but in a week time the "italian" part of the tour-season starts with the Tour of Romandie. Of course I know it's not in Italy but it is used as training for the Giro. Euskaltel will send a strong team with Mikel Astarloza and Haimar Zubeldia as the leaders and with Amets Txurruka as a strong outsider. Ruben Perez, Juan Jose Oroz, Aitor Hernandez and Jorge Azanza will be there to help and maybe get in a break while Iñaki Isasi should show that he's still a good sprinter.

maandag 21 april 2008

Pictures Amstel Gold Race

Thanks to Euskaltel's site http://www.fundacioneuskadi.com/ we get to see some great pics from our orange knights in the dutch one-day race the Amstel Gold Race

zondag 20 april 2008

Amstel Gold Race : Galdos 31th

It was quite a colourless day for the Euskaltel riders in the Amstel Gold Race today. With 50 kilometres to go Egoi Martinez attacked twice but he never really got away. There were constantly one or two riders from Euskaltel in front of the peloton but when the race really started no Euskaltel was to be seen. Nine riders battled it out for the victory and it was Damiano Cunego who beat Frank Schleck in the sprint. Sprinter Aitor Galdos came in on a 31th spot, 1:55 down. Mikel disappointed with a 41th place. All the others finished the race, except for Javier Aramendia.

1. Damiano Cunego LAM 6:35:29
2. Frank Schleck CSC
3. Alejandro Valverde GCE +0:02
31. Aitor Galdos +1:55
41. Mikel Astarloza +2:06
54. Egoi Martinez +2:43
98. Jorge Azanza +7:42
99. Iñaki Isasi +7:42
100. Juan Jose Oroz +7:42
107. Ruben Perez +8:07

Haimar about his pre-season

Haimar made some things about his pre-season "failures" clear. He said that he got Influenza after the Vuelta al Mallorca where he did pretty good. Then he went to the Comunitat Valenciana but he didn't have much training because he had to take antibiotics because of a crash. He also rode Paris-Nice but he wasn't happy with his form there at all.

To prepare himself for the Tour de France he will ride the Tour de Romandie and the Dauphine Liberé. After the Tour he might ride the Vuelta if he's still in good shape.

zaterdag 19 april 2008

Line-up Flecha Wallone & Liege

Euskaltel has announced its line-up for the upcoming Fleche Wallone and Liege-Bastogne-Liege. Mikel Astarloza will be the leader of the team and looking at his results this season, he should be able to compete for the victory. The others that should help Mikel or try something on their own are Egoi Martinez, Ruben Perez, Iñaki Isasi, Aitor Galdos, Juan Jose Oroz, Jorge Azanza and Javier Aramendia. I'm going to Liege and I hope this time I will get some good pictures.

maandag 14 april 2008

Paris - Roubaix : Markel & Juanjo finish :p

Another northern classic, another disappointment for Euskaltel. Paris - Roubaix was in my opinion even worse than the Tour of Flandres because again Juan Jose Oroz and Markel Irizar were the only ones to finish but this time with a 71th and 91th place. Koldo left the race after a crash but he doesn't have any real injuries. The others probably all left the race because of the cold and the terrible conditions. But on the bright side, those classics are over and the next classics (Amstel, Fleche Wallone and Liege) Euskaltel should be able to make a better performance.

1 Tom Boonen (Bel) Quick Step 5.58.42 (43.407 km/h)
2 Fabian Cancellara (Swi) Team CSC +0.01
3 Alessandro Ballan (Ita) Lampre
71. Markel Irizar +16:48
91. Juan Jose Oroz +16:57

Klasika Primavera : Mikel close to win

Mikel Astarloza came close to the victory in the basque one-day race the Klasika Primavera. He became fourth in a sprint with four, losing to Damiano Cunego and Alejandro Valverde. He and Kjell Carlström joined those two with onlye 300 metres to go but the other two already started the sprint so they didn't have a chance. Early in the race Egoi Martinez and Ruben Perez were in a break with some other strong riders but at the last climb of the day, they were reeled back in.

1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre 4.20.21 (39.593 km/h)
2 Alejandro Valverde Belmonte (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne
3 Kjell Carlström (Fin) Liquigas
4. Mikel Astarloza ST
10. Egoi Martinez +0:12
19. Amets Txurruka +0:44
57. Ruben Perez +3:44
61. Dionisio Galparsoro +5:59
71. Aitor Galdos +8:59
87. Jorge Azanza +8:59

zondag 13 april 2008

Pais Vasco 6 : Mikel 6th in general

The last stage of the Vuelta al Pais Vasco was a 20km time trial. Mikel Astarloza didn't really do what I expected him to do, but an 11th place is still ok. With this result he became 6th in the general rank, a good performance. The time trial was won by Alberto Contador who also took the overall win. Second became Cadel Evans, third Thomas Dekker. Igor Anton became 27th and got a 13th place in the end rank.

Overall Euskaltel did a good job in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco, with a win in the Mountains jersey with Egoi Martinez and a lot of attacks. Sadly enough there was no stage victory or a top three in the general rank :(

1 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Astana 29.10.00 (41.143 km/h)
2 Cadel Evans (Aus) Silence - Lotto +0.22
3 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Rabobank +0.27
11. Mikel Astarloza +1:29
27. Igor Anton +2:13
39. Egoi Martinez +2:43
60. Amets Txurruka +3:30
85. Jorge Azanza +4:11
95. Ivan Velasco +5:19
98. Iñigo Landaluze +6:11
99. Iñaki Isasi +6:26

General Rank
1 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Astana 21.03.59
2 Cadel Evans (Aus) Silence - Lotto +0.30
3 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Rabobank +0.35
6. Mikel Astarloza +1:37
13. Igor Anton +2:41
43. Egoi Martinez +12:35
47. Amets Txurruka +14:45
72. Jorge Azanza +30:12
80. Ivan Velasco +37:45
84. Iñigo Landaluze +41:01
88. Iñaki Isasi +43:46

zaterdag 12 april 2008

Pais Vasco 5 : Egoi wins mountains jersey

In the fourth and penultimate stage of the Vuelta al Pais Vasco Egoi Martinez managed to consolidate his mountains jersey. Just as yesterday there was a rain of attacks in the beginning with a lot of Euskaltel riders in them. First we got Iñaki Isasi and Ivan Velasco, then Amets Txurruka, but it was Egoi Martinez who managed to get away together with Bernard Kohl. Egoi took another 9 points for his jersey and with tomorrows time-trial, he was sure of the win. The two got caught again and then the real race started.

On the last climb a group was formed with Igor Anton and Mikel Astarloza. They both tried to attack but didn't get away. It became a sprint with a small group but due to a fall of David Herrero Mikel couldn't sprint for the victory. He took a good 9th place in the same time as winner Cunego. Igor became 10th.

Tomorrow there's a time-trial on the schedule and with only 8 second behind the first in the general rank, Contador, Mikel has still some great chances of getting at least in the top 3. It's not sure if Amets will participate in the time-trial because he fell three times in the last stage.

1 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre 4.02.48 (40.033 km/h)
2 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Astana
3 Thomas Dekker (Ned) Rabobank
9. Mikel Astarloza ST
10. Igor Anton +0:20
54. Egoi Martinez +6:08
56. Amets Txurruka +8:24
84. Jorge Azanza +21:06
91. Iñaki Isasi +30:27
92. Iñigo Landaluze +30:27
98. Ivan Velasco +30:27

General Rank
1 Alberto Contador Velasco (Spa) Astana 20.34.49
2 Damiano Cunego (Ita) Lampre +0.08
3 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team High Road
6. Mikel Astarloza +0:08
12. Igor Anton +0:28
49. Egoi Martinez +9:52
52. Amets Txurruka +11:15
75. Jorge Azanza +26:01
86. Ivan Velasco +32:26
87. Iñigo Landaluze +34:50
91. Iñaki Isasi +37:20

vrijdag 11 april 2008

Pino Cerami : Juanjo 23rd

For their standards, Euskaltel did a pretty good job in the Belgian one-day race Pino Cerami. Two Euskaltel riders came in with the big bunch that sprinted for the victory. Calcagni won the sprint, beating Visconti and Vanlandschoot. Juan Jose Oroz did very good with a 23rd place, Markel Irizar came in 31. Also Beñat and Lander finished the race but not in the peloton.

1 Patrick Calcagni (Swi) Barloworld 4.38.22 (41.815 km/h)
2 Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Quick Step
3 James Vanlandschoot (Bel) Mitsubishi-Jartazi
23. Juan Jose Oroz ST
31. Markel Irizar ST
58. Beñat Albizuri +1:04
80. Lander Aperribay +5:08

donderdag 10 april 2008

Pais Vasco 4 : Amets close to victory

It was Amets Txurruka who shone for Euskaltel in the fourth stage of the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. From the beginning the Euskaltel riders were determinated to get in the break. First it were Jorge Azanza and Ivan Velasco who tried to get away and after them Egoi Martinez once again, but that didn't work out. Then it was Amets' turn to try and he got away with Possoni, Lloyd, Stubbe and Cataldo. They did a very great job and with one kilometre to go, they still had twelve seconds but that turned out to be not enough. At really a few metres before the finish they were caught by Kim Kirchen, who beat Possoni and Herrero. Astarloza is now 8th in the general rank but in the same time as the number three. Egoi Martinez is still in the lead of the mountains classification but he gets competition from Morris Possoni with his two consecutive breaks.

1 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team High Road 4.17.33 (39.84 km/h)
2 Morris Possoni (Ita) Team High Road
3 David Herrero Llorente (Spa) Karpin Galicia
7. Amets Txurruka ST
28. Mikel Astarloza ST
30. Igor Anton ST
41. Egoi Martinez ST
53. Iñaki Isasi ST
68. Jorge Azanza ST
71. Ivan Velasco ST
97. Iñigo Landaluze ST

Pais Vasco 3 : Mikel now 7th

It was a quiet they in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco for the peloton and for Euskaltel. Early in the race Egoi tried to get in the break very early and attacked at 1 kilometre after the start, but he didn't get away. Tough he did get another 11 points for the mountains classification and is now a strong leader. Mikel Astarloza rose a spot in the general rank due to his 13th place in the bunch sprint. The sprint at the end was won by David Herrero in front of Luis Leon Sanchez.

1 David Herrero Llorente (Spa) Karpin Galicia 4.54.24 (39.74 km/h)
2 Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne
3 Paolo Bettini (Ita) Quick Step
13. Mikel Astarloza ST
27. Igor Anton ST
37. Egoi Martinez ST
68. Ivan Velasco ST
86. Amets Txurruka +0:52
90. Iñaki Isasi +2:11
94. Iñigo Landaluze +2:24
104. Jorge Azanza +2:56

woensdag 9 april 2008

Gent - Wevelgem : Koldo 21th

There isn't much to say about Euskaltel's performance in Gent - Wevelgem. I have not seen a single attack from one of the guys. The only one I saw was Koldo who was in front in the last kilometres, but couldn't really compete with the big guys of the sprint and became 21th. This result is not great, but it's a big improvement from last year, where Alan Perez was the first one on a 67th place with Koldo right behind him. All the Euskaltel riders finished and that's of course a good thing :)

1 Oscar Freire Gomez (Spa) Rabobank 4.53.06 (42.784 km/h)
2 Aurélien Clerc (Swi) Bouygues Telecom
3 Wouter Weylandt (Bel) Quick Step
21. Koldo Fernandez ST
45. Markel Irizar ST
46. Juan Jose Oroz ST
108. Alan Perez +4:58
110. Javier Aramendia +4:58
156. Josu Agirre +4:58
164. Beñat Albizuri +4:58
175. Lander Aperribay +10:25

Pais Vasco 2 : Landaluze in break

It was a day full of activity in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco for Euskaltel. Iñigo Landaluze was in the break of the day together with Horrach, Arrieta and Albasini. He took all the points for the mountains classification, 22 in total, placing him second in the mountains classification after fellow Euskaltel rider Egoi Martinez with 25 points; he took one point on the first mountain of the day. The break got reeled in with another 10 kilometres to go and it became a very thrilling last 10 kilometres. A lot of riders tried to escape like Alberto Contador and Amets Txurruka but they didn't get away, so it became a sprint. Mikel Astarloza placed himself constantly in front of the bunch, and this paid out because at 200 metres of the finish there was a big crash. No Euskaltel rider was part of it. In the sprint Kim Kirchen beat Paolo Bettini. Iñaki Isasi became 10th. Due to his place in the first big group Mikel rose to the 8th place in the general rank.

1 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team High Road 3.40.42 (41.594 km/h)
2 Paolo Bettini (Ita) Quick Step
3 David Herrero Llorente (Spa) Karpin Galicia
10. Iñaki Isasi ST
19. Mikel Astarloza ST
37. Igor Anton ST
55. Egoi Martinez ST
62. Amets Txurruka ST
64. Ivan Velasco ST
74. Jorge Azanza ST
107. Iñigo Landaluze ST

dinsdag 8 april 2008

Line-up Amstel Gold Race

Euskaltel has finished its team for the dutch one-day race the Amstel Gold Race. The team will be lead by Mikel Astarloza, but others to watch out are Ruben Perez and Iñigo Landaluze. If there will be a sprint with a small group maybe Aitor Galdos or Iñaki Isasi will have a good chance. Jon Bru, Jorge Azanza and Juan Jose Oroz will probably have to get in a break or support the leaders.

maandag 7 april 2008

Pais Vasco 1 : Egoi in the break

Egoi Martinez was Euskaltel's man of the day in the first day of the Tour of the Basque Country. He attacked early in the race alone and got companied after a while by Buffaz and Iban Mayoz, so the new Euskaltel rider and the old Euskaltel rider together in the attack. Egoi took all the points on the several mountains and is now the leader in the mountains classification with 8 points more than Mayoz. But it didn't work out and they got reeled back in. On the last climb Mosquera attacked and got companied by Alberto Contador. He won the stage with 3 seconds before Mosquera. A groupe of 24 finished in 8 seconds, among them Astarloza and Anton.

1. Alberto Contador Astana 3:39:22
2. Ezequiel Mosquera Karpin-Galicia +0:03
3. David Herrero Karpin-Galicia +0:08
12. Mikel Astarloza +0:08
17. Igor Anton +0:08
75. Jorge Azanza +1:59
76. Amets Txurruka +1:59
78. Ivan Velasco +1:59
79. Iñigo Landaluze +1:59
101. Egoi Martinez +3:44
108. Iñaki Isasi +4:42

zondag 6 april 2008

Tour of Flandres : Where was Euskaltel ?

Today I got out of my bed at 5:20 AM to get to the Tour of Flandres and to see Euskaltel. A friend and I took the train to Bruges where the start was. I had to walk on crutches due to an operation and it was really though for me but I managed to get to the start. But unfortunately the place where the busses came, was totally surrounded by fences and only VIP's could get in. So we had to stand behind a fence far away from the guys. I tried to yell at them but that didn't work but I did have got an autograph from Javier Aramendia. He was really nervous before the start. I've got some pictures too but they are all with fence parts on them :(

For the race now. On Euskaltels side there wasn't much to do. Two of them finished and the others vanished in the dark. Juan Jose did a good job, riding the Tour of Flandres for the first time. For the win Stijn Devolder showed his great time trial skills and won the Tour of Flandres.

1 Stijn Devolder (Bel) Quick Step 6.24.02 (41.246 km/h)
2 Nick Nuyens (Bel) Cofidis +0.15
3 Juan Antonio Flecha (Spa) Rabobank
50. Juan Jose Oroz +9:14
87. Markel Irizar +17:35

Gp Indurain : Aitor 9th, Jorge in break

In the Grand Prix of Miguel Indurain Euskaltel has shown that they were one of the strongest teams, but sadly enough they couldn't manage to finish it and win the race. First it was Jorge Azanza who got in the early break with Vorganov and Serrano. They git an advantage of 7 minutes at one point but they couldn't keep up the pace and were reeled back in due to the pace of Caisse d'Epargne in the peloton. Then Euskaltel took the race in hands for the sprinter in shape Aitor Galdos, but he couldn't follow on the last climb. Fabian Wegmann took advantage of this and won the sprint before Albasini and Rodriguez. Aitor Galdos was the first Euskaltel rider on the 9th place, 6 seconds down.

1 Fabian Wegmann (Ger) Gerolsteiner 4.57.23
2 Michael Albasini (Swi) Liquigas ST
3 Joaquim Rodriguez (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne +0.02
9. Aitor Galdos +0:06
33. Ivan Velasco +0:34
38. Mikel Astarloza +0:41
39. Egoi Martinez +0:41
69. Amets Txurruka +3:00
73. Iñaki Isasi +3:09

vrijdag 4 april 2008

Indurain : Anton & Antton out, Aitor and Ruben in

There have been some changes in the line-up for the Grand Prix of Miguel Indurain. Igor Anton won't participate, probably because of his problems with his achilles injury. I hope he will get back ok for the Tour of the Basque Country. Also Antton Luenge won't participate. I don't know what's going on with him but I hope his 'personal problems' will be solved quickly, because he needs to show himself. The two riders will be replaced by strong sprinter Aitor Galdos and stron overall rider Ruben Perez, so definitely not a bad change.

woensdag 2 april 2008

Line-up Pino Cerami

Next week Euskaltel will also participate in the small Belgian race Pino Cerami. The line-up will be the same as for Wevelgem and Flandres : Josu Agirre, Lander Aperribay, Andoni Lafuente, Javier Aramendia, Koldo Fernandez, Markel Irizar, Juan Jose Oroz and Alan Perez. Good Luck !!