vrijdag 8 mei 2009

Mikel happy with performance in Romandy

Although it wasn't as great as last year, Mikel Astarlazo was satisfied with his first part of the season because he's preparing quietly for his biggest goal the Tour de France.
You showed good shape in Romandy, how do you feel about your Suisse adventure?
I return very happy, my form has been better than I thought. My training sessions have been very calm but what I did in Romandy gave me hope for the next appointments.

What's your next race and what are your ambitions?
My next race will be the Volta a Catalunya. There I don't just want a spot in the top 10 of the general rank, I want a stage win too.

The Tour de France comes closer and closer, do you get nervous or are you staying calm?
I'm very calm, it's in my nature to be. Although some tests bring some special views in my head, a methodical approach in my trainings and to have confidence gives me a lot of tranquility.

Although it's still some time, who do you see as the favourites? Will Mikel do it?
It's certain that I still lack something. Riders like Armstrong, Contador, Valverde, Evans and Menchov will be the protagonists. For myself I don't know if I will be 4th, 7th or 32th in the general rank. All I know is that I will give my all on the french roads. I will give my all to be among the first in the general and otherwise I will go for a stage win.

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azanca02 zei

I am hoping we can see a stage win at the Volta!!!