zondag 28 juni 2009

The Spanish Championships

This weekend Euskaltel participated in the Spanish Championships. First up was the time-trial and only three of our orange guys had the guts to test themselves here. The brave ones were of course Markel Irizar and youngsters Josu Agirre and Javier Aramendia. Although Markel couldn't life up to his expectations after some good time trials in the Tour de Suisse, he became 13th, Josu 16th and Javier 20th, but keep in mind the olympic spirit 'Participating is more important than winning!' (yeah rights :p)

In the road race Euskaltel showed up with a 15-head strong bunch full of motivated riders. With the hilly ride there were some chances for the more advanced climbers. Early in the race Irizar, Azanza, Martinez, Rubén and Josu all tried their luck but it was too early to keep a solid break. At the end Anton got away solo, but was joined by Valverde, Plaza, Zaballa and our Mikel Astarloza. The latter sprinted away in the last kilometres and just got passed in the final metres by Rubén Plaza. Once again no big shot for Euskadi, but still a good 3rd and 5th place!

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