maandag 2 november 2009

Ivan Velasco: 'It has been a tough year'

-What has been the best moment of the season?
The truth is that I haven't got much luck this year with injuries and diseases, but although I wasn't yet at top level, I was very pleased with the Tour of Switzerland.
-What would you like to remember and forget about this year on personal level?
Personally it has been a hard year. I have learned a lot on psychological level, especially to become better after a hard period, that would I like to remember. I would forget the fracture of three ribs I had during the Vuelta a la Rioja and the training in July.
-Facing 2010, what are your hopes?
For 2010, the only thing I hope to do is to show my top level, which I haven't been able to this year.

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