woensdag 27 april 2011

Castroviejo amazes and wins Romandy prologue!

Immediate succes for Euskaltel in the Tour of Romandy. Jonathan Castroviejo amazed everyone with a thrilling performance over the 3.5 kilometres long track and winning the prologue by beating a bunch of time-trial specialists like Millar, Phinney and Hoard, and of course taking the first leader's jersey. He wasn't the only one who did a good job though, Gorka Verdugo placed himself just outside the top 10 on spot 11. I'm excited to see what those two can do for the general classification during the next week!

After the race Jonathan Castroviejo declared: "It's a beautiful victory and I'm very very happy with it. Tomorrow is my birthday, so this is a spectacular gift. I used to start in time-trials with the idea to do my best, but know I know I can start with my mind set on winning. I always felt good riding time-trials, but winning a big one like here in the Tour of Romandy is something great. I finally did it and this changes my view on all of this."

  1. Jonathan Castroviejo 3:40.42
  2. Taylor Phinney (BMC) +0.27
  3. Leigh Howard (HTC) +0.73
  • 11. Gorka Verdugo +4.29
  • 31. IƱaki Isasi +8.71
  • 59. Egoi Martinez +11.50
  • 70. Alan Perez +12.56
  • 130. Ivan Velasco +19.38
  • 134. Amets Txurruka +20.75

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