woensdag 25 juni 2008

Haimar in Cycle Sport Magazine

In the Tour edition of Cycle Sport Magazine you can find an 'interesting' article about how he alway gets in the top 10 without anyone noticing. Apparently there are three methods to do this :

1. Never attack, never annoy anybody : "This one worked for me in 2006. See,you didn't even know I'd finished in the top 10 that year, did you ?"
2. Get into the soft break : "Me and Kim Kirchen were in 13th and 14th place after stage 14 last year, so nobody minded when we buggered ofo with Alexandre Vinokourov and gained five minutes the next day!" The writer says that Haimar will plan his break this year in the stage to Prato Nevoso.
3. Pretend to be working for your team-mate : "Iban Mayo is still annoyed with me for overtaking him in the 2003 Tour, when he was meant to be the best Basque rider in the race!"

Together with this interview we get to see a picture with the subscription 'Who is this mysteriously consistent Tout rider from the Basque Country ?'. Of course the answer should be Haimar Zubeldia, but the picture is clearly Mikel Astarloza :p Irony oh irony

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lucybears zei

"Valverde está fuerte; ojalá logremos los dos el podio"


arnout zei

Hehe, but its so right :D Although we did see another Haimar in the Dauphiné.