vrijdag 19 december 2008

I'm back for more + update

The examinations are finally over, the results are in, I'm not too happy with them but I'm quite pleased with my 44/45 on my english exam *proud*. This means that I will again have some time to update my blog!!!

It seems like I didn't miss too much, the only things that reached me are that Jon Bru retired :(, Samuel Sanchez will participate in the GP Miguel Indurain on the 4th of april and ... Euskaltel got their ProTour license for 2009 and 2010 *yes*, but they won't ride the Giro *boooeee*.

3 opmerkingen:

azanca02 zei

Sad they won't ride the Giro. I think it is a race that they should take more seriously. And this year is looking to be a rather awesome one with LA, Sastre, Di Luca, Menchov, Basso, and possibly Evans.

Lizzard4567 zei

Yeah I think they should ride it too! It's a great way for younger guys to get experience in a 3-weeks stage race and it's just that the Giro wouldn't be the same for me without Euskaltel :(

arnout zei

It's all about money i guess, which is sad. And I also think that the Giro wanted a big squad (read: with the olympic champion) to compete and that is something which does not fit in the program.

Great you're back btw, and cheers on your exams!