woensdag 31 december 2008

Haimar to ride Tour and Vuelta

As you can see on the picture, Haimar is having a grea time at the Astana training camp in Tenerife. Unfortunately they still didn't give him a team jersey so he looks a bit 'stupid' just like Popovych and Armstrong (btw what is he pointing at? :p). At the training camp they also reveiled the goals of their riders and Haimar's goal was to ride good races in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco, the Tour de France and the Vuelta d'España. He'll probably be the leader in Pais Vasco, but a helper in the Tour and in the Vuelta he will get the role of second/third man.

4 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

"Me motiva este modo de afrontar otro ciclismo para mí"

azanca02 zei

I think that the teams can't give them kits until the new year. But I could be mistaken.

arnout zei

Yup that's true, the contracts are till the first of january.

How can you say he looks kind of stupid? He looks kind of brilliant, it is so much better than those blue things.

Anoniem zei

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