dinsdag 27 januari 2009

Our olympic champion Samuel Sanchez gave an interview to the Estrella digital and of course I tried to translate for you in English.

Has that Olympic medal changed your life?
I can now do things that I have never done before and my life has changed a lot, but my personality hasn't changed a bit.
You tattooed the Olympic rings on your body, what would you tattoo if you win the Tour de France?
The Olympic tattoo was just a bet with my friend Juan Llaneras. I think I won't tattoo anything, but I believe that you always have to live up to your promises.
What are your goals for this season?
I want to be good in the first part of the season and then I can start to train for the Vuelta and the World Championships.
This winter you have been able to train in a wind tunnel in San Diego. Do you think Spain should invest more in these kinds of technology so more riders could use it to shine?
It would seriously be a good thing because it was a great opportunity for me!
Would you think about changing your career, like Valentino Rossi?
Since I was a child, I've always loved motorcycles, but I want to finish my life as a cyclist. I would love to ride on circuits with a motorcycle or a car but only as a hobby.
What do you like to do in your free time?
Spending time with my family and friends
Who are cyclists you can resemble with?
Laurent Jalabart and Alejandro Valverde.
Wich race do you like most?
Tour de France
Your best compagnon in the peloton?
Benjamin Noval
The best room mate in big tours?
Igor Anton
What's your great wish?
To win the World Championships or one of the three big rounds.
What's your biggest dream?
To be happy and healthy

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azanca02 zei

Thanks for the translation. There is never anything for us English speaking countries about the men in orange except you and magnus. I just want you to know that your work is appreciated.

Anoniem zei

Igor Antón y Mikel Astarloza

"The main objective is the Tour and to get there as fresh as possible"

«El objetivo principal es el Tour y llegar lo más fresco posible allí»


Lizzard4567 zei

Thanx! I will try to keep you up to date :)