donderdag 15 november 2007

Aketza Pena is 2007 : Doping ?

Aketza Peña was a very promissing rider and he would be the leader of Euskaltel in the Giro. But 2007 became a black year for him and he became the black sheep for Euskaltel. His first good result was in the Tirreno-Adriatico where he got a 46th place in the second stage. Then he went one to ride the Italian pre-Giro rides and became very succesful in them. He finished 17th in the Giro d'Oro and 25th in the third stage of the Tour of Trentino. Next up was the Giro d'Italia, probably his big goal for 2007. The Giro started good for Aketza with some good placings in stages but then after the 15th stage he got the message that probably ended/changed his carreer. In the Giro of Trentino he tested positive on Nandrolon and was taken immediately out of the Giro. But then it stopped, we didn't get any news about the B-sample or what his punishment will be. PLEASE EUSKALTEL, GIVE US SOME NEWS !
Trofeo Millor : 183
Trofeo Soller : 98
Trofeo Calvi : 117
Tirreno Adriatico : 82-46-70-103-118-121-114 => 90
San Remo : 150
Klasika Primavera : 67
Giro d'Oro : 17
Giro of Trentino : 73-37-25-57 => 34
Giro d'Italia : 21-59-85-64-108-95-101-88-123-47-68-98-37-121-31-92 X

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Aketza Peña is innocent and Euskaltel-Basque Country has that repescarlo.

This age the word of the manager Miguel Madariaga, has to fulfill it since Aketza Peña has demonstrated before the TAS that it(he,she) is INNOCENT.

Now it is Madariaga the one that has to fulfill his(her,your) word and the fans of this equipment(team) like that we want that it(he,she) does it, let's hope that Madariaga fulfills his(her,your) promises.

Thank you very much.