maandag 26 november 2007

Interview with Egoi Martinez

Today we finally got a new interview on the Euskaltel site, this time with the ex-Discovery Channel rider Egoi Martinez who's now coming back to Euskaltel !!

-How is the return to Euskaltel going ?
To tell the truth, I'm not assimilated yet. The moment when I signed the contract was really special but since then it was a rollercoaster of things and I'm married now. But I know most of the guys already because some years ago I had a great time with them. There is a great atmosphere and the facilities are good too.

-Two years with Discovery Channel, have you learned much there ?
It were to fantastic years, on sports level and on personal level. Different goals, different routines, different languages... it has been a great experience.

-Now you will be able to share those things with Euskaltel-Euskadi
Yeah for sure, Many things happened since 2005 and everything I learned from Discovery Channel will be a benefit for Euskaltel, that's most important.

-You've only been back for a short time but it seems that Igor Gonzalez de Galdeano already showed you the new mentality of the team.
Yes, before signing the contract, both Miguel Madariaga and Igor explained the new philosophy : The team first and then the individual. I like that very much.

-Have you noticed the new mentality when you were still with Discovery Channel ?
Yeah, I noticed a new air around the team. The tactics during the race were different. Each person has his own style and you can see this during the race. I noticed a very positive change and the image they have shown was very positive too.

-Facing 2008, where can you help Euskaltel?
Considering my characteristics, my strong point is the rounds of three weeks and I will try to do my best in them. This is my seventh season and of course I will try to use my experience to help the younger ones.

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Arnout zei

That are nice words, thanks for sharing!

Lizzard4567 zei

No problem :P I had to make a nice post because tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I will be in a flemish newspaper with my blog :P

Arnout zei

Hehe oke, congrats! Share it with us too:)

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Yeah I will try to scan it (I said that too about the article about Haimar) but if I have some time this week, I will post them.