maandag 19 november 2007

Extreme Giro d'Italia = Nothing for Euskaltel

Although it would be a great lesson for the younger riders, I don't think Euskaltel will send a team to the Giro d'Italia 2008. This will probably because of the extreme hard parcours. On the first day we get a team time trial in Sicilia and after that three other individial time trials are scheduled and as you might know, this is not Euskaltels favourite event :P Not only the time trials are extreme but the climbs aren't easy either. We will get to see heroic duels on the Mortirolo and the Passo Fedaia and after that we will visit the next two WC-tracks in Varese and Mendrisio.

I really hope Euskaltel will see this as a challenge and sends a young team that can improve their skills here and maybe Aitor Galdos for the sprints.

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