donderdag 10 april 2008

Pais Vasco 4 : Amets close to victory

It was Amets Txurruka who shone for Euskaltel in the fourth stage of the Vuelta al Pais Vasco. From the beginning the Euskaltel riders were determinated to get in the break. First it were Jorge Azanza and Ivan Velasco who tried to get away and after them Egoi Martinez once again, but that didn't work out. Then it was Amets' turn to try and he got away with Possoni, Lloyd, Stubbe and Cataldo. They did a very great job and with one kilometre to go, they still had twelve seconds but that turned out to be not enough. At really a few metres before the finish they were caught by Kim Kirchen, who beat Possoni and Herrero. Astarloza is now 8th in the general rank but in the same time as the number three. Egoi Martinez is still in the lead of the mountains classification but he gets competition from Morris Possoni with his two consecutive breaks.

1 Kim Kirchen (Lux) Team High Road 4.17.33 (39.84 km/h)
2 Morris Possoni (Ita) Team High Road
3 David Herrero Llorente (Spa) Karpin Galicia
7. Amets Txurruka ST
28. Mikel Astarloza ST
30. Igor Anton ST
41. Egoi Martinez ST
53. Iñaki Isasi ST
68. Jorge Azanza ST
71. Ivan Velasco ST
97. Iñigo Landaluze ST

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