vrijdag 11 april 2008

Pino Cerami : Juanjo 23rd

For their standards, Euskaltel did a pretty good job in the Belgian one-day race Pino Cerami. Two Euskaltel riders came in with the big bunch that sprinted for the victory. Calcagni won the sprint, beating Visconti and Vanlandschoot. Juan Jose Oroz did very good with a 23rd place, Markel Irizar came in 31. Also Beñat and Lander finished the race but not in the peloton.

1 Patrick Calcagni (Swi) Barloworld 4.38.22 (41.815 km/h)
2 Giovanni Visconti (Ita) Quick Step
3 James Vanlandschoot (Bel) Mitsubishi-Jartazi
23. Juan Jose Oroz ST
31. Markel Irizar ST
58. Beñat Albizuri +1:04
80. Lander Aperribay +5:08

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