donderdag 30 oktober 2008

Aketza Peña goes cyclocross

I hope you all remember Aketa Peña because his carreer apparently ain't over. After he was freed from all the stuff about him and doping, he tried to get a contract for this year but that didn't work out, so he has a new plan ready. This winter he will ride in the spanish cyclocross races! He announced this in a press conference and said that he's quite talented for this. He also found a few sponsors that want to help him out with the costs, now hopefully the results will follow. He will ride the races of the Torneo Spiuk de Euskadi, la Copa Cantabra, la Copa de España and Campeonato de España.

It will be an interesting cyclo cross season with both Aketa and Beñat competing, and maybe like last year some others too. Hopefully they will get some good results!

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