donderdag 23 oktober 2008

Fired riders update

The four riders that didn't get a contract for 2009 have all been very active the last weeks to get a contract. None of them was capable to get one yet, but here's an update about where they are standing now:
  • Lander Aperribay: After two years with Euskaltel, Lander couldn't convince a team to get a contract and has retired from pro-cycling. He's now working in the commercial department of Etxe-ondo, an Euskaltel clothing sponsor.
  • Beñat Albizuri: Beñat isn't happy with his dismissal, he feels neglected and unappreciated by the team. He's now going to try it in the cyclo-cross world and feels very motivated about this. His representative is of course also searching for a 'real' cycling team.
  • Jon Bru & Dioni Galparsoro: Jon and Dioni are both hoping on their old Kaiku team leader Óscar Guerrero. He might be able to set up a newt team for next year and the two would get a place there. Hopefully this become true!

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