maandag 23 maart 2009

Rubén sprints in Castilla

It's now official: Rubén Pérez is Euskaltel's third great sprinter. After the win earlier this year of Koldo and the great performance of Aitor in San Remo, Rubén proved today that he has what it takes to once win a stage. Of course the list of sprinters isn't too great in Castilla y Léon, but becoming fourth in a real sprint stage should be a stepping stone to greater results. Also Pablo Urtasun was able to maintain a good place, he finised 10th.

1. Joaquin Sobrino Martinez Burgos 4:31:53
2. David Vitoria Rock Racing ST
3. José Joaquin Rojas Caisse ST
4. Rubén Pérez ST
10. Pablo Urtasun ST
28. Markel Irizar ST
42. Aitor Hernández ST
68. Amets Txurruka ST
79. Mikel Nieve ST
97. Igor Antón ST
133. Jorge Azanza +9:32

8 opmerkingen:

azanca02 zei

What does everyone think about armstrong crashing out?

arnout zei

That's a pity I think, I would really like to see him racing with Contador together actually.

Ruben Perez has to join a successful breakaway sooner or later, that will give him a win certainly.

Lizzard4567 zei

Yeah I share Arnout's opinion, I would like to see Armstrong working for Contador :p

I have a feeling that Rubén will win something this year!

azanca02 zei

Yeah If he can get into a break on a transition stage in the tour or a something...he can easily win a sprint from a small group.

arnout zei

Though most likely, like any Euskaltel rider in a breakaway, he will find a way to not win the sprint actually :P

Anoniem zei

What's wrong with Anton?

arnout zei

Nothing wrong with Anton, he's just back from his injury of the last Vuelta. He also said in interviews that we don't have to expect anything for him before Romandie. He is just training in this minor races.

His time will still come, don't worry.

Anoniem zei

Yeah, the crash in the vuelta. I'm still depressed by that..