zondag 29 maart 2009

Sammy wins in Llodio!

Samuel Sánchez and Euskaltel delivered a nice piece of team work in this years Gran Premio de Llodio. After a third place of last year with Aitor Galdos, the aim was to do better than that. From the beginning there were a lot of attacks, but only a group of four managed to get away. Luckily in this group two guys from Euskaltel Egoi Martinez and Aitor Hernández were present so in the peloton the other guys could lay back a bit. When with 25 kilometres to go they were taken back, three other guys escaped. Ezequiel Mosquera, David de la Fuente and our Samuel Sánchez! They managed to stay away from the hunting mass and sprinted for the victory. There Samuel Sánchez outsprinted De la Fuente and took the second victory of 2009 for Euskaltel!! Yiihoooeeeee!!!

1. Samuel Sanchez Euskaltel 4:03:58
2. David De la Fuente Fuji ST
3. Ezezquiel Mosquera +0:01
5. Aitor Galdos +0:21
12. Rubén Pérez +0:21
14. Mikel Nieve 0:21
17. Gorka Verdugo +0:25
32. Pablo Urtasun +1:20
39. Jorge Azanza +1:20
62. Iñaki Isasi +6:39
66. Egoi Martinez +6:39
68. Aitor Hernandez +6:39

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