woensdag 9 september 2009

Intxausti and Izagirre are coming home!

Great news on the transfer front for Euskaltel. Next year our orange troops will be stronger by adding two young and promising guys to it. Gorka Izagirre is a 21-year old guy with a lot of grinta and I'm sure he can evolve to a great one-day racer. The other one you'll probably know already ... Beñat Intxausti. Named one of the most promising Spanish riders, but in my opinion not taken good care of with Saunier Duval/Fuji. I would love to see what he can do with Euskaltel. So we already have Sicard, Izagirre and Intxausti, now I would also like Castroviejo :D

7 opmerkingen:

arnout zei

Yeah, I mostly want Castroviejo actually, I think he is (maybe together with Sicard) the biggest talent of the four. Don't understand why they are waiting with him for so long. He won a stage in the prestigious Tour de l'Avenir today btw.

Anoniem zei

He's coming, trust me. (Magnus)

azanca02 zei

Magnus, You need to put something on your blog. The fans in the US miss you bro.

On another note I can't wait to see the young talent fight hard for stage wins.

arnout zei

That's great to hear Magnus, great you're around again as well!

Do you have any inside news concerning Mayo? :P

Anoniem zei

(Magnus). Hi guys! I've been around all the time actually, and I've been keeping up to date with most things cycling I think, I just haven't found the time to write anything. Concerning Ibán, there's not much to say. He's retired. It's over I'm afraid. Right now he's writing a column (together with former ex-cyclists and dopers) for DEIA, just like a certain Joseba Beloki and mr. Euskaltel, señor Laiseka. But I have to say I've missed discussing Ibán, Euskaltel and cycling in general with you guys. I'll be back some day, I promise:)

azanca02 zei

Samu-San is riding a good race so far. He seems to keep fighting till the end. I think there is one more stage he can get time on, and hopefully he can grab some on the TT also.

中島美嘉mika zei

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