dinsdag 1 september 2009

No balls no glory

We can be short about the performances of Euskaltel in the third stage of the Vuelta, not much. I know these ain't the stages Euskaltel is aiming for, but still a little bit of action would be nice. Iñaki Isasi was the first to cross the finish line on a 27th spot.

1. Greg Henderson COLUMBIA 4:41:01
3. Oscar Freire RABOBANK ST
27. Iñaki Isasi ST
60. Markel Irizar ST
70. Rubén Pérez ST
83. Samuel Sanchez ST
123. Igor Anton ST
145. Alan Perez ST
147. Aitor Hernandez ST
157. Amets Txurruka ST

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arnout zei

One and only one goal this year and that is to protect Samu. Don't expect any flat breakaways this time. Quite like it actually, makes you feel we're one of the big squads which will get publicity anyway :P