maandag 28 september 2009

SamSan 4th at WC

World Championships are probably the most stressful races of the year. You get a 7 hours broadcast but you know only the last our depends, you know only the last lap really matters, that's when your heartbeat goes up to an impossible rate and you just feel history will be made. That's what happened yesterday and it was incredibly thrilling to see that our favourite Samuel Sanchez was in great shape, the best of the Spaniards I think. He stayed in the wheel of Fabian Cancellara and never let go. At a certain moment it looked like the two would get away but the small bunch of favourites came back. When the final cut was made, Samu had to stay because Rodriguez was already there. That way he couldn't compete for the victory and missed out a great opportunity to become world champion. But at least he rode a great race and I'm sure he will get other opportunities in the futur!

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