maandag 8 oktober 2007

Haimar in Flemish Magazine

Every week Jan Mulder (an old soccer coach) writes a column for a flemish magazine called Humo and some time ago the title was HAIMAR. The article lays on my desk for quite a while but I never had the time to post about it.

In the article Jan Mulder says how he discoverd the name Haimar Zubeldia. It was when Haimar fell in the Vuelta in one of the early stages "I didn't know who Zubeldia was, but hearing the shock in the voice of Karl Vannieuwkerke (my favorite cycling commentator) I knew he was someone important". "I thought Zubeldia was an anonymus, but I got that wrong, Zubeldia is bigger than the Rio Ebro, he's a half god." And he finishes his column with the words : "Since that day I can't miss the vuelta anymore. Seeing Haimar at the start is the irresistable law of attraction".

You can't believe how happy I was with this article. Here in Belgium it looks like they ignore Euskaltel. They never say something about them and when Samu won three stages in the vuelta they never posted a pic of him :S

3 opmerkingen:

Arnout zei

Hey, thats funny, do you know a place on the internet where I can find that article?

Lizzard4567 zei

Nope I already looked for it but it wasn't on the site, maybe I will scan it

Arnout zei

Would be great if you could!