donderdag 11 oktober 2007

Nothing for Joseba, Mayoz,Aranaga, Uribarri and Iriondo ??

We still don't have any news about what Joseba Zubeldia, Iban Mayoz, Andoni Aranaga, Unai Uribarri and Iban Iriondo will do next year and actually it scares me a bit. i'm realistic, I don't see them in a protour team next year but I'm sure they will do good in a pro continental team. Sadly enough they haven't shown much last year and I really would hate it if they should retire because of this !

So a call to all the continental and pro continental bosses : HIRE THEM !! THEY ARE WORTH IT !!

5 opmerkingen:

Arnout zei

Yes, they are definately good enough for a team like Andalucia.
Otherwise they can also go to Orbea of course, but that is not ProContinental if I am correct?

Lizzard4567 zei

I also thought Orbea was continental. It will not happen but I hope one of them comes to a Belgian ProContinental team :D

Magnus zei

What about Aranaga?

Lizzard4567 zei

What ?? he's in the text (now) :P

Magnus zei

I've done just that myself a few times:P