maandag 29 oktober 2007

Haimar Zubeldia in 2007

I'm gonna start my review on 2007 with my favourite rider of all, Haimar Zubeldia. In my opinion he had a very good year, of course with the highlight in the Tour de France. He didn't ride that much races but he was consistent the whole year. He started a bit slow in the smaller spanish races like Almeria (56) , Castilla y Leon (57) and a 16th place in Marcia. Then he started his training for the Tour with good results in Llodio (8), Paredes (8) and a good Dauphine with a sixth place on the Mont Ventoux. Next up was the Tour de France, where Haimar showed himself once again one of the best stage riders in the world. He was able to follow in the mountains and made time good in an attack with Vinokourov. He ended fifth. Then he rode the Clasica san Sebastian (23) and finished his year in the Vuelta where he worked his ass off for Samuel Sanchez but sadly his own classement was ruined due to a fall.
Results 2007
Almeria : 56
Marcia : 15/17/32/79 => 16
Castilla y Leon : 56/48/30/93/59 => 57
Indurain : 50
Romandia : 52/48/52/31/24/59 => 24
Paredes : 33/18/8/6 => 8
Llodio : 8
Dauphiné Liberé : 40/54/28/33/6/38/27/23 => 19
Tour de France : 96/75/73/68/106/31/81/26/11/54/34/60/32/15/3/6/32/22/20/40 => 5
Clasica San Sebastian : 23
Vuelta : 67/56/187/130/61/102/172/53/70/54/85/98/50/9/26/62/48/36/60/31/59 => 44
For next year I want him to win an official race again and maybe a spot higher in the Tour, but I would be very happy with another fifth one :D

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Arnout zei

Yeah, he did a good job again this year. Very consistent rider, but indeed need some wins.