zondag 17 februari 2008

Andalucia 1 : Galdos 5th

The first stage of the Vuelta Andalucia or Ruta del Sol was a very rainy one and it seemed that the riders didn't have much drive to ride. Three riders escaped and at the end it went between Lopez Gil and Lhotellerie, and the first one on. The peloton sprinted for the fourth place and Aitor Galdos became nice 5th. He keeps getting better and better so maybe a victory is in the air. Also Dionisio placed himself in the top 20 with a good 16th place.

1. Jose Lopz Gil Andalucia 3:05:55
2. Clement Lhotellerie Skil +0:09
3. Pablo Lastras Caisse +1:51
5. Aitor Galdos +3:31
16. Dionisio Galparsoro +3:38
28. Jorge Azanza +3:38
29. Igor Anton +3:38
32. Jon Bru +3:38
35. Mikel Astarloza +3:38
76. Josu Agirre +8:24

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