dinsdag 26 februari 2008

Valenciana 1 : Gorka in great shape

It wasn't Haimar nor Ruben Perez that made Euskaltels day today, but it was Gorka Verdugo ! First he got in the break of the day, he took alot of points for the mountain classification and some bonus seconds for the general rank but it wasn't good enough to stay in front. In the end sprint with a groupe 24 he sprinted to a good 10th place. He's now 5th in the general rank. Also Haimar came in with the first ones, on an 18th place.

1 Iván Gutiérrez (Spa) Caisse d'Epargne 3.46.59 (41.5 km/h)
2 Rubén Plaza (Spa) Benfica ST
3 Xavier Florencio (Spa) Bouygues Telecom ST
10. Gorka Verdugo ST
18. Haimar Zubeldia ST
40. Ruben Perez +1.33
42. Alan Perez +1.33
46. Markel Irizar +1.33
53. Juan Jose Oroz +1.33
121. Andoni Lafuente +12.25
128. Beñat Albizuri +12.25

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