zondag 10 februari 2008

Interview Josu Agirre

Today you can read an interview with Josu Agirre in Gara and because I have some time today, I will try to translate it :D

How do you feel right before your opening in the jersey of Euskaltel ?
My dream came true when they called me for their team and I strongly desire to make my debut. I'm better than last year but I still have to improve a lot. But I will go and try to help Velasco, Bru and Galdos. It will be necessary to get into an escape and keep an eye on those guys.
You have rode in Mallorca with Orbea already, is it different with Euskaltel ?
The responsibility is the same but it's a protour equipment and that gives more motivation and your name will sound much stronger.
You ride three (smaller) tours and then you will ride the Giro
It's a very pretty calender. I hope the weather is good because I do better when it's hot. The Giro motivates me because I did a stage with LPR and I have always like Italy, its races and the food.
How was the first meeting with Euskaltel ?
I already knew some riders from Orbea and of course the fans supported me. It's a good atmosphere and it's all very organized. Every day the program is well structured, it's better than in a small equipment.
You got the opportunity when it was almost time to start fearing.
With 26 years it was or getting a great opportunity or quitting and things turned out great for me. I hope I can stay in the team for next year because that means I responded good to what the team wants from me. I hope I also will continue loving to ride the bike.
What are your goals for this season ?
I came to the equipment to get some victories. I won the time trial in the Vuelta a Madrid and was the leader for 4 days. Last year I didn't do that good in the trials because I had some problems with my back.

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