dinsdag 27 oktober 2009

3 questions for Alan Pérez

Euskaltel asked the same three questions to Alan Pérez, here is what he answered.

-What was the best moment of the season?
The Tour de France and the Vuelta. In both races the team shone and obtained some great results. Personally I didn't have a lot of luck, but I was happy to contribute my part to those achievements.
-What do you want to remember and forget on personal level?
I will remember that I got the chance to participate in the Tour the France, the race that looked the hardest of the whole season to me, but I loved it. I would like to forget the several falls and injuries I had during important parts of my season.
-Facing 2010, what are your intentions?
To do the same for the team as I did this year and to grow as a cyclist. If I have some luck and great form, I would like to take maximum advantage of that.

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