woensdag 21 oktober 2009

3 questions for Jorge Azanza

It was a close call for Jorge Azanza, but due to the fact that Beñat Intxausti unfortunately won't come to Euskaltel next year because of troubles with his team Fuji, he got a place in the team for 2010. Euskaltel gave him three questions and this is what he answered:

- What was the best moment of the season?
In the beginning of the season I felt great and I was present in a lot of escapes unfortunately I couldn't win anything. I felt good until the Vuelta a Burgos.
-What do you want to remember and forget on personal level?
It hasn't been a great year for me on personal level, but I look at the future with a good feeling. I noticed this year that I can do good in a lot of stages and I can fight for the victory. I would like to forget the physical problems I had after the Vuelta a Burgos.
-What are your intentions for 2010?
I hope to stay healthy and that my talent will show in some races.

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