donderdag 17 januari 2008

Dionisio Galparsoro

Dionisio's year has been one with good results but also with a lot of pain. His season was probably planned around the Giro. He showed this in Rioja where he became 4th in the general ranking. In the Giro he got a great 5th place in the 8th stage but three days later he had to gave up because of a fall. He couldn't get in action anymore untill the summer but he got the opportunity to ride another tour, the Vuelta. There he became 14th in the 5th stage and 15th in the 16th stage and of course he also helped Samuel and Igor alot. He finished his season with a 47th place in Lombardia.

Santarem : 91-39-82-45 => 51
Criterium International : 68-X
Rioja : 14-10-5 => 4
Giro : 21-35-20-23-25-98-96-5-38-48-29-X
Ordizia : 25
Germany : 143-19-38-86-34-85-111-118-40 => 46
Vatenfall : 66
Vuelta : 102-41-48-26-14-72-40-149-30-82-46-61-51-42-137-15-20-142-61-76-73
Lombardia : 47

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