dinsdag 15 januari 2008

Koldo Fernandez in 2007

Koldo Fernandez proved in 2007 that he is the best sprinter within Euskaltel. He had a phenomenal year, he maybe didn't have as much victories as he wanted, but he surely did get some great results. Koldo immediately started the year strong with a 4th place in the Trofeo Mallorca, a 6th place in the Trofeo Calvia and a 5th place in the general rank of the Vuelta a Andalucia. Of course with these results the victory couldn't stay out, and it didn't. In a fantastic sprint he beat all the others and won the last stage in the Tirreno Adriatico. After a second place in the last stage in Rioja he went on to one of his goals : The Giro d'Italia. He showed himself once again with a 5th and 7th spot in a sprint, but it wasn't really what he expected. His last big race of the season was the Vuelta. With 1oth place, two 7th places, two 4th places and a 2nd place he rode a great Vuelta, sadly enough without a victory.

Trofeo Mallorca : 4
Trofeo Millor : 113
Trofeo Calvia : 6
Andalucia : 8-26-8-3-2 => 5
Tirreno : 39-16-49-55-105-131-1 => 84
San Remo : 41
Wevelgem : 68
Roubaix : 81
Rioja : 12-56-2 => 40
Giro : 21-30-29-166-13-177-10-181-5-132-7-156-157-107-126-31-105-12-89-129-15 => 136
Eindhoven TTT : 21
Getxo : 14
Germany : 23-19-178-84-149-5-10-134-13 => 124
Vatenfall : 63
Vuelta : 7-182-159-159-124-2-4-100-166-170-14-11-14-116-141-4-10-106-99-124-7 => 133

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