donderdag 10 januari 2008

Interview with Miguel Madariaga

Miguel Madariaga has given an interview to the Noticias de Gipuzkoa today and he said some pretty interesting things, here's a lin-up.

Euskaltel won't ride the Giro as long as the Giro expects them to send one of their 4 best riders (Samuel, Haimar, Igor, Mikel ?). Those four have to prepare for the Tour/Vuelta so they can't race there. Butwe have some young talent that can shine there.

Once again he said that Euskaltel will ride less races and that they won't go to Portugal. He also said that they don't dare to skip a protour race because they are afraid of the UCI.

The reason why there are only 26 riders this year is that the Protour and biological passport had alot of influence on the budget so they had to do something.

He made an offer to Garate and Patxi Vila, both they both prefered staying with their team

He feels really sorry for Iban Iriondo that he couldn't stay in the team, but he believes in him and is sure that he can grow. The same for Uribarri but he requested to stay with Orbea and they have given him that chance.

Aketza Peña's B-sample was negative but he doesn't know anything more because his representative keeps it private

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Samuel Sánchez
"No me vais a ver el pelo hasta el Tour"

Egoi Martínez
"Tengo buenas vibraciones para 2008"

Igor Antón
«Sé que todavía soy algo ingenuo en carrera»

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