vrijdag 11 januari 2008

Interview with Samuel Sanchez

Thanx to a reader I found this interview with Samuel Sanchez here : http://hoysport.laverdad.es/noticias/firmas/el-repecho/samuel_sanchez_vais_pelo_hasta_200801091353.html
It's in spanish so I will try to translate it.

What does the renovation of your contract with Euskaltel for three years do to you ?
It gives me tranquillity. Now I only have to worry about my bike and to keep on growing so the results will follow.

What did Madariaga offer that the other teams didn't ?
Especially on a sport base. We're in a unique project and I could be part of it for another three years. We both also did an economical gesture. But it's not only because of the money, I feel the colors of this equipment like no one else.

But at a certain point, you thought you had to leave ?
It's true that we were a bit distanced but I knew they wanted me and I still had a one year contract. The only other jersey I want to wear now is the one of the world champion or the leader in a big tour.

What did you learn in those 9 years as a pro ?
I tried to copy the veterans. I slept with Ramon Gonzalez Arrieta and I also learned alot from Laiseka and David Etxebarria. That's why I try to help the younger ones now that I'm one of the elderly. But I'm only 29 yet.

What are your objectives for this season ?
I'm going to give myself a 100 % in the Tour de France and if I will try to get at the Olympics.

The Tour de France are big words !
I won't ride the classics, nor will you hear my name in the beginning of the season. I will try to be in best shape in the second week of the Tour, and then I will see my other possibilities. The Tour is the only race that makes me a bit afraid, but I will get from Haimar Zubeldia and Mikel Astarloza, who have a lot of experience.

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