maandag 24 maart 2008

Castilly y Leon line-up with Amets

Today the spanish race in Castilla y Leon starts and Euskaltel will of course send a strong team. First of all we have Amets Txurruka back after he broke his collarbone in the Vuelta a Mallorca. Of course we can't expect much from him, but he may surprise us. For the sprints we get Koldo Fernandez and Iñaki Isasi, a good duo in my opinion because Isasi has a lot of experience he can give to Koldo in the sprints. We also have Samuel Sanchez, but he's still preparing for the Tour de France. The Vuelta Castilla y Leon starts with a 9km prologue so I'm definitely hoping for a new stunt from Markel Irizar. Last but not least, in the breaks we will hopefully get to see Dioni Galparsoro, Andoni Lafuente and Jon Bru.

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