maandag 31 maart 2008

Llodio : Aitor 3rd, Koldo 4th, Dioni 6th

It was a rainy day in the Grand Prix of Llodio, but despite the weather Euskaltel has shown a great performance. There was an early break with Zaballa and Tondo but the peloton managed to get back. It seemed like for the first time in years that there would be a sprint. This was not how Hector Guerra wanted it and he broke away from the peloton and won the race with one minute of advantage before a small groupe. This groupe sprinted for the second place and it was Rojas who took it, before Aitor Galdos and Koldo Fernandez. Dioni and Igor were in the same groupe, they finished 6th and 14th.

1. Hector Guerra Liberty Seguros 4:11:57
2. Jose Joaquin Rojas Caisse d'Epargne +1:01
3. Aitor Galdos Euskaltel ST
4. Koldo Fernandez ST
6. Dioni Galparsoro ST
14. Igor Anton ST
48. Ruben Perez +6:06

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