donderdag 13 maart 2008

Paris-Nice 5 : Gorka (still) 7th in general

It seems like the Euskaltel riders didn't have their day today, and just now that the legendary Mont Ventoux was on the schedule. Of course a 22th place for Gorka Verdugo isn't exactly bad, but I expected more from Igor and Haimar. Igor probably didn't gave it all to support Gorka but I haven't seen anything from Haimar and that's a bit disappointing. On the climb Robert Gesink from Rabobank showed his great talent but was beaten in the sprint by Cadel Evans.
Due to the fact that Gorka only lost 2.18 minutes, he was able to stay nicely 7th in the general rank. Anton is now 13th, Haimar 42th.

1 Cadel Evans (Aus) Silence-Lotto 4.32.56 (38,691 km/h)
2 Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank ST
3 Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) Ag2r-La Mondiale +0.33
21. Igor Anton +2:18
22. Gorka Verdugo +2:18
37. Haimar Zubeldia +4:09
62. Dioni Galparsoro +8:58
86. Aitor Hernandez +15:09
95. Markel Irizar +18:28
97. Lander Aperribai +18:28

General Rank
1 Robert Gesink (Ned) Rabobank 17.10.12
2 Davide Rebellin (Ita) Gerolsteiner +0.32
3 Rinaldo Nocentini (Ita) Ag2r-La Mondiale +0.35
7. Gorka Verdugo +2:11
13. Igor Anton +4:48
42. Haimar Zubeldia +24:22
61. Dioni Galparsoro +31:01
91. Markel Irizar +41:22
125. Lander Aperribai +52:01
144. Aitor Hernandez +1:04:22

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arnout zei

I saw Haiamr for some moments, he lost contact with the bunch fairly soon, way too soon really. I dunno what's wrong with him, that's the most worrying thing about this.

Anton was riding in his familiar fightingstyle at the back of the peloton. He is not in his best form yet, I think we do not have to worry about him.

And about Verdugo. He is doing great. I mean, before the beginning of Paris - Nice no one of us could have expected a 7th place in GC after Ventoux. He is doing great, we cannot expect more from him. I think he will manage top - 10 in Nice, and that is very good for him!

Lizzard4567 zei

I couldn't see the whole stage on tv because I had school and the PE teacher wouldn't let me go home (I'm injured atm so I didn't have anything to do) :x

Maybe it's good that Haimar isn't in great shape yet, if you see Evans now, I can't imagine that he can keep this form until July !