dinsdag 21 juli 2009

Mikel con las manos al aire!

Unbelievable, fantastic, amazing, super. All the words I can't think of at this moment. Mikel did it, he finally won something, and not just anything, a stage in the biggest event of the year The Tour de France! Together with Anton and Verdugo he got once again in an early break. At the last climb of the day it didn't look to good when Van den Broucke and Pellizotti took off, but on his own strength he was able to join them. Just before the top also Moinard was able to come back and the four of them were off for a thrilling descent. Four of the guys that weren't able to follow the four leaders did their best to get back and at 3 kilometres before the finish it looked like they were able to come back. Moinard took off but he didn't get away. Then it was time for our Mikel to try his luck and the other guys all had to pass. He got away and rood like he never did before and won the stage. With a victory sign of relief and satisfaction he conquered the Tour and said to the world that he's not just a loser, but a great rider! What a great moment for himself, Euskaltel and of course all the fans!

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arnout zei

He was so happy when crossing the line, he must be the happiest winner of all stage winners in the Tour ever! I was so delighted to see him winning a big one finally, great moments. Already rewatched the video two times. This is such a relief in a difficult season, and it is the first victory since 2003! Hope things will turn around now for the guys. I have so much respect for the team in this Tour and everywhere. You see them trying and trying everywhere and always, and always without any sort of luck. But keeping the morale high will once pay off! Vamos!
You could hear Delgado, the Spanish commentator, shout on the Dutch television btw :P

Lizzard4567 zei

Yeah it was really time for a new victory! I hope this will relief the team from their inhabition to win and let's kick some ass in the upcoming basque races and the Vuelta! :)

Anoniem zei

Such a fabulous win...great to see the team win a stage..been wishing to see this happen for some time. Finally redemption after Egoi being robbed from Stage 15 of 2008. Great legs Mikel!
Gora Euskaltel!!!