dinsdag 14 juli 2009

Mixed feelings about first Tourweek

The first week of the Tour de France has been one of ups and downs for everyone, and also for Euskaltel. Koldo hasn't been able to place himself in a sprint and in one of the Pyrenees stages he came in outside the time limit all by himself. Mikel Astarloza lost some time because of a fall, but was able to take the time back with a good stage in the Pyrenees where he became onfortunate third after Luis Léon Sanchez and Sandy Casar after he gave everything to reel Efimkin back in. Juan José Oroz is also riding a good Tour, finishing before the grupetto's in the mountain stages. Amets Txurruka has been himself, attacking in almost every stage, but also helping other team members like Egoi Martinez. He made the sun shine for Euskaltel by getting the mountains jersey in the last stage, although he let go 20 points on the Tourmalet which I don't understand. Astana-rider, but still Euskaltel in our hearts, Haimar Zubeldia has been riding his ass of for Lance Armstrong and Alberto Contador, I never saw him riding in front of the peloton that much!

General Rank
1. Rinaldo Nocentini AG2R 34:24:21
2. Alberto Contador Astana +0:06
3. Lance Armstrong Astana +0:08
17. Mikel Astarloza +3:02
22. Haimar Zubeldia +4:14
48. Egoi Martinez +15:30
54. Amets Txurruka +20:13
77. Juan José Oroz +34:51
79. Gorka Verdugo +35:22
85. Igor Anton +39:02
105. Ruben Perez +52:49
161. Alan Perez +1:23:52

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