donderdag 23 juli 2009

Mikel keeps on rising

This Tour de France has become a fairytale for Mikel Astarloza and it just keeps on going on. After the heavy queens stage yesterday, there was a tough time trial ahead. Mikel did a pretty good job finishing 20th, only 3 seconds behind Andy Schleck and leaving behind great riders like Sastre, Menchov and Kreuziger. Now all what's left for him is the stage with the Mont Ventoux and if he can cope that, he will be 9th in Paris! For the others tomorrow will be a day of attacks, I'll suspect one of them, Alan or Juanjo, will go in the attack and maybe even make it to the finish. Let's hope so!

2 opmerkingen:

arnout zei

I has been a very quiet Tour for Juanjo and Alan, they usually end up in the last group. I guess they won't be able to finish it off on the last climb before the finish. Would love to see Amets in the break once again. He did a slow time trial for that reason.

Lizzard4567 zei

In the beginning of the Tour Juanjo wasn't in the last group, but just in front of the first bus. I think he's still got something in him, cause he's a very talented guy. It would be a good stage for Amets but he already gave a lot!