zaterdag 18 juli 2009

Pablo Urtasun 7th in Madrid

Euskaltel had a very active day in Madrid. First of all Pablo Urtasun got in a break of 13 riders but this one didn't last. Then it was up to Javier Aramendia who got in the right break together with 11 other riders. They never got more than 2 minutes advantage and were taken back only three kilometres before the finish. In the sprint Pablo Urtasun was able to place himself on a nice 7th place.

1. Francisco Ventoso CARMIOORO 4:11:41
2. Aaron Kemps ROCK RACING ST
3. Francisco Pacheco CONTENTPOLIS ST
7. Pablo Urtasun ST
31. Sergio De Lis ST
45. Aitor Hernandez ST
70. Mikel Nieve ST
71. Josu Agirre ST
98. Javier Aramendia ST

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