maandag 3 december 2007

Aitor Galdos in 2007

His opinion : He said he had a bad year. He didn't reach the goals he was aiming for and he didn't respond to the teams faith in him. But next year will be much better, I know I can win races because I solved some problems I've struggles with last year.

Review : Aitor has been consistent throughout the whole year, with a bunch of top 10 and top 20 spots. He started the year good with a 10th and 5th spot in Santarem, a 5th place in the second stage in Castilla Y Leon and then he became 15th in the Klasika Primavera. He got the opportunity to ride the Tour of Romandia, resulting in an 8th place in the third stage, and the Tour de Suisse, but he had to give up after the first stage. He didn't ride a big tour so he rode the smaller races in the summer. He rode the Tour of Germany with an 8th place in the first stage and a 10th place in the sixth stage. He rode a good Vatenfall Cyclassics (17), and went on to the eneco tour where he became 12th in the fifth stage. He finished his season in Poland with a ninth place in the fourth stage.

My opinion : I think Aitor can be very happy with his season. He had some great results and I know for sure if he will be able to improve his placing skills a bit, that his capable of some great wins.

Almeria : 58
Santarem : 87-10-119-5 => 69
Castilla Y Leon : 99-5-92-118-95 => 97
GP Indurain : 52
Primavera : 15
Amstel Gold Race : 62
Romandia : 163-161-8-148-X
Catalunya : 22-34-14-173-178-123-167 => 164
Suisse : 151 -X
Circuito Getxo : 92
Germany : 8-19-165-120-168-10-21-159-20 => 144
Vatenfall Cyclassics : 17
Eneco Tour : 113-92-33-150-12-24-123-126 => 101
Poland : 9-29-75-9-109-138-X

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