woensdag 19 december 2007

Back with news

I finished my exams today so from now on I will be able to post the daily news about our favourite team again. Three important messages have reached me in the past days.

The most important one was about Samuel and it was even in the Belgian newspapers. If he didn't get the money he would get with other teams; Sanchez would leave Euskaltel. He set an ultimatum for the team, the 10th of January. I think that Euskaltel is going to give him the money because they still need him, as there are still not enough guys who win races.

The seconds news item was that Iban Mayoz got a contract with Karpin Galicia, the team that showed itself in the Vuelta. This will be a good oportunity for Iban to prove himself once again.

The last message and maybe a bit funny one is that Igor Astarloa asked Madariaga if he could get a spot in the team. Madariaga told him that he was too old and didn't fit in the team. In my opinion this is a good decision because he didn't show anything last year.

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