zaterdag 1 december 2007

Amets Txurruka in 2007

For Amets Txurruka it has been one fantastic year. It was the first year with Euskaltel for him and although he didn't ride that much, he showed himself as a really talented and promising rider. His first great results were in the Vuelta a Rioja where he became sixth in the general rank and 8th in the second stage. I discovered him for the first time in his next race, the Tour of Romandia. There he showed his fighting skills to the world and even the belgian commentators were impressed. He finished 29th in the general rank there. He continued his good results in Catalunya (22th in first stage) and Llodio (17th) until he had some problems in the Euskal Bizikleta. But he managed to get ready in time for his first big performance, the Tour de France. And it became a great succes for him. In the 12th stage, he escaped and only one km before the finish he got caught again. This lead to the red back number the next day and after some other attacks the overall most combative price in the Tour de France. He also wore the White Jersey for the best youngster, because Contador and Soler already wore another jersey. He ended the Tour on a great 23th place and showed himself to the world as a great rider. He ended his season in Burgos where he ended 20th in the general rank. WHAT A SEASON !!!

Santarem : 90-113-93-87 => 82
Castilla y Leon : 103-49-107-58-34 => 56
Rioja : 28-8-11 => 6
Romandia : 140-32-49-30-23-69 => 29
Catalunya : 22-109-58-51-37-128-58 => 42
Llodio : 17
Euskal Bizikleta : 56 - X
Tour de France : 147-144-105-99-87-128-58-30-85-125-129-83-19-42-35-41-71-46-112
Burgos : 46-19-38-53-38 => 20

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