vrijdag 21 december 2007

Ruben Perez in 2007

Ruben Perez had probably his best year so far, and it was a great one. He immediately started good with a 14th and 8th spot in the Vuelta a Valenciana and a 9th place in the second stage in Alcobendas. He got the opportunity to ride the Tour so he prepared himself in the Dauphiné, where he got a 17th (2nd stage), 12th (3rd stage) and an 11th place (6th stage). Then he rode his first Tour de France where he did an extremely good shop in the attacks and a 12th place in the 5th stage and a 16th in the last one. He also finished every stage within the top 100, resulting in a very good 50th place in the general rank. His last good result was in the 7th stage of the eneco tour where he finished 21th. I met him three times this year, one time in the Tour and two times in the Eneco Tour, and he came across as a nice and modest man.

Valenciana : 14-35-8-54-26 => 48
Paris-Nice : 59-22-31-29-62-135-117-71 => 73
Indurain : 41
Basque Country : 132-67-122-67-34-53 => 45
Alcobendas : 20-9-26 => 19
Dauphine Libere : 110-17-12-71-96-11-59-112 => 74
Tour de France : 55-23-68-69-12-34-21-86-80-55-90-36-50-53-40-44-43-23-83-16 => 50
Sebastian : 107
Vatenfall Cyclassics : 29
Eneco Tour : 79-25-109-47-68-26-21-40 => 31

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Magnus zei

Amazing that you're capable of finding all the results. great stuff!

Lizzard4567 zei

During the year I keep a big excel-file with all the results from all the protour teams :P It's alot of work but very useful