maandag 24 december 2007

Iñaki Isasi in 2007

It was a short but powerful year for Iñaki Isasi. Everything was set on the Tour so he didn't compete in a lot of races. In Almeria he became 21th but in the Tour de France he disappointed a little bit. He was never able to ride a sprint as he did a couple of years ago but still he reached a 20th, 17th and two 14th places. After that he had to ride Burgos where he got a good 13th spot in the first stage. Euskaltel also select him for the Vuelta, where he worked hard for Koldo Fernandez in the sprints, resulting in only one top 20 spot (19th place in first stage). He ended his season in Lombardia with a 96th place.

Almeria : 21
Rioja : 38-40-67 => 54
Asturias : 42-34-65-78-X
Tour de France : 165-45-67-35-20-99-17-98-143-73-91-14-75-85-89-69-51-82-92-14 => 90
Burgos : 13-67-21-45-27 => 58
Vuelta : 19-107-65-137-17-48-148-49-88-74-25-22-61-95-136-69-30-93-40-66-117 => 74
Paris-Tours : 29
Lombardia : 96