dinsdag 25 december 2007

Iban Velasco in 2007

Iban Velasco's first year with Euskaltel has been a calm year, but he has shown what he is capable of. He came a bit slowly at pace. He definitely peaked for the Giro, his first big tour and you could see this in Trentino. There he achieved a 12th and 11th place in the first and third stage and a 21th place in the overall rank. In the Giro he got a 22th place in the third stage and a 23th place in the 19th stage. He finished his year in the Vuelta a Burgos where he fell in the second stage and had to give up. First they said there was nothing bad, but he didn't ride anymore that year, so probably there was something wrong.

Valenciana : 29-45-65-52-35 => 47
Paris-Nice : 158-156-139-78-118-147-X
Primavera : 68
Giro d'Oro : 44
Trentino : 12-24-11-22 => 21
Giro : 21-108-22-54-64-99-161-98-67-92-81-103-106-112-98-118-77-57-23-124-94 => 76
Suisse : 148-74-72-69-29-44-103-92-116 => 84
Burgos : 57-X

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