zaterdag 23 augustus 2008

Eneco 2 : Aramendia wakes up !

Finally an Euskaltel rider decided to show himself in the eneco tour. Javier Aramendia was in the break of the day in the second stage, but sadly they didn't succeed. In the last kilometres they were reeled back in by the peloton where the sprint preparations started. André Greipel won the sprint in front of Haedo and Förster. None of the Euskaltel riders ended in the first group, Andoni was first on an 85th place.

1. Andre Greipel Team Columbia 3:51:31
2. Juan Jose Haedo Team CSC ST
3. Robert Förster Gerolsteiner ST
85. Andoni Lafuente +0:13
94. Gorka Verdugo +0:13
112. Javier Aramendia +0:13
116.Josu Agirre +0:13
122. Aitor Hernandez +0:13
124. Beñat Albizuri +0:13

2 opmerkingen:

arnout zei

There were some echelons and yes, Euskaltel and echelons :D

Btw why is Beñat in your report? It was Javier for sure ;)

Lizzard4567 zei

My bad, I probably hoped that it would be Beñat because he's very likeable in person