zaterdag 9 augustus 2008

Samuel wins Olympics on my birthday

Thanks to Mister Samuel Sanchez I had the best birthday of my life today ! On a incredibly fantastic way he became THE Olympic Champion and wins the gold medal for Euskaltel. This is probably the greatest moment for Euskaltel ever and I think all the fans can be really proud of our Samu/Samsam/...

For us Europeans the Olympic road race started at 5 am but the images of the great city of Beijing were definitely worth it. First a sightseeing tour through the city and then a magnificent tour close to the Great Wall. Spain tried to control the race with a strong Carlos Sastre but when the real guys started to attack it became clear that both Valverde and Contador weren't strong enough. Suddenly Andy Schleck attacked and only Rebellin and our Samu were able to follow him. The three of them raced to the finish but in the last kilometres Kolobnev, Rogers and Cancellara came back. It became the MOST thrilling sprint I've ever seen ! Kolobnev went on first, but way too early. Quickly Rebellin and Samu took him back and Samuel showed that he was the fittest by defeating Rebellin with a bike length.

After the finish you could see the sociable character of Samu, being congratulated by his teammates and other competitors. The podium ceremony became very emotional for him but the images will be forever in our minds. For myself it was like a shock and I was screaming and shivering like hell when Samu crossed the finish first ! Unbelievable that he gave me this birthday present, definitely the best birthday ever !

2 opmerkingen:

Anoniem zei

Fantastisch te zien als sportman een aanhang de dag van hun leven mogen genieten.

Een Olympische medaille is er dan nog ééntje die je niet zo maar kunt verdienen.

Het zal zeker voor altijd is je geheugen blijven en een dag die je binnen 20 jaar nog makkelijk zal kunnen herinneren.

Nog ne proficiat met uwe verjaardag en hopelijk zijn ze elk jaar zo spannend en extatisch.

Lizzard4567 zei

Bedankt ! Het is inderdaad een onvergetelijk moment :)